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Reminder that protesting is worth getting suspended for

#yeah a walkout is disruptive but you know what’s more disruptive? FUCKING SHOOTINGS

I’m reblogging this again because I wanted to add a note: PROTEST ANYWAYS.

If your schools threaten to suspend you, protest anyways. En masse. Because you know what gets tracked by district, state and federal administration? Suspensions.

Schools and schools systems *must report* their suspension levels etc. Every year all this data from the state gets compiled into a huge report and presented to the State Board of Education and the state legislators. By. School.

You know what happens to schools districts with unusually high rates? Big Trouble.

So if your principal/superintendent threatens to suspend any student participating in a walkout? Still do it. Because here’s what will happen: You’ll walk out, get suspended, the school will be empty basically for *days* effectively starting a strike, the principal will have to report it to the district, the district will have to report it to the state and there’s a solid chance your school’s administrative team could be replaced.

YOU HOLD ALL THE CARDS HERE. Don’t let them think otherwise. There is literally nothing they can threaten you with that won’t come back to bite them square in the ass.

What a disingenuous prick that superintendent sounds like. They’re walking out FOR schools to be a place to grow educationally, emotionally, and morally (rather than a place to die in a mass shooting), BECAUSE they have grown educationally, emotionally, and morally.

The attempt to tie such things to mindless obedience of authority is noted, and held in contempt.

(Also LOL @ the “if you don’t stay in school we’re gonna KICK YOU OUT” message.)