brianfriedman: Here are my ladies GOING OF…

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brianfriedman: Here are my ladies GOING OFF! @charlizey1 @maddieziegler & @brookecolletti dancing to #Talk by @djsnake & @georgemapleofficial at @radixdance

NOW… let me get something off of my chest! I see the comments on my videos and whether you’re commenting about loving one dancer and putting another down to prove your love or complaining about the fact that they stumble or are messy, you need to realize that these videos I post from class are not PERFORMANCES that have been previously rehearsed. These are raw, unedited clips from a real moment in time of learning. If you’ve never been in my class, you have no right to sit behind your keyboard and judge these dancers who put their heart and soul on the line. I push them out of their comfort zones and force them to take risks in order to get stronger. YOU need to realize that when you bash them in their process, you damage their confidence, trust in their teacher and ultimately their growth. They are exhausted when we take these videos, toes bleeding, bodies shaking and every stumble is them, letting go! So I beg of you… KEEP YOUR NEGATIVITY TO YOURSELF! ONLY POSITIVE COMMENTS ON MY PAGE! •
A note to my assistants & students in class, I LOVE YOU ALL… thank you for being fearless! Stay out of the negative comments. If you see them, brush them off. Why? Because you’re better than that, stronger than that and worth more than that xoxo

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Brian is such a GOD! I love this message of his and that he protects his students! He always reads the comments and always defends his dancers and I absolutely love that. And just look at Maddie’s comment, it shows that the dancers see the comments too and how much it means to them to have a teacher back them up like that. They are there to train and improve and people sit behing their keyboards criticising their every move. Pathetic. I love Brian and I love that he speaks out about issues like this!