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Just found this on instagram. How cool is that?!

Credits to: @maddie.and.hacker

I don’t think this is good at all. Taylor is awesome but she is not a good dancer, this is implying that what Maddie did in Sia’s videos was easily mimicked. It’s not. Her work for Asia I think was very difficult, just because Taylor does one weird move it shouldn’t take away from the overall artistry of Sia’s videos. I can’t believe Maddie’s fan don’t see how backhanded of a compliment this is and are actually spreading this about.

I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. I know exactly what you mean, but I think it depends on who says it and how. A friend of mine who is a major Taylor Swift fan messaged me earlier saying that the video gave them major Chandelier vibes and that they absolutely loved that. They immediately added that of course they know that the level of dancing isn’t comparable, but like, the idea, the inspiration was there. So I don’t really think it’s a bad thing. It really depends. I would not say that Billboard or many of Taylors fans meant it as a backhanded compliment because that would mean they were actively trying to downplay Maddie or Sia’s talent and I don’t think that’s the case at all. They probably don’t even know Maddie well enough to want to hurt her like that. If someone in the fandom said it for example I know always talks bad about Maddie, I would totally read it as backhanded, this way, I don’t. It’s just something many people immediately thought of. Even under the youtube video there’s a comment saying something like that. It shows the huge impact Chandelier has had and that many remember Maddie for it. I don’t think people are totally clueless and think the dancing compares, but the message, the inspiration, that’s something people immediately saw and I don’t think it’s bad. So I really think it’s reading way too much into it and I personally wouldn’t take it as backhanded if I were Maddie. She is a great dancer and there is no competition between her or Taylor Swift dancewise, so I don’t think there needs to be a discussion at all. I think it’s an honour that Chandelier made that big of an impact that it seems to inspire other videos or at least makes people think of it with similiar concepts. And even if people don’t know how hard of a dance Chandelier was, so be it. They are not dancers, not in the fandom, they can still appreciate the art and I am sure that most of them did not mean any harm comparing it (and again, i’m sure most know that there are worlds between the two dancing wise). So I think it’s reading too much into it, but that might be because of the toxic fandom in which many do give backhanded compliments. But this here, this is innocent if you ask me and I personally would take it as a compliment of how much the work has made an impact. But that’s just how I see it. I think one should not take themselves too seriously and I don’t think Maddie minds this comparision. But who knows, I’m not her.