which dance rehearsal and where ? and how do u…

which dance rehearsal and where ? and how do u know that they are at dance 🤔

As I told the other anon just now, I’m not sure it was a rehearsal, it could have been just a normal dance class. But they were definitely at dance because in one of their stories you could hear the teacher or whoever it was do the counting for a dance etc. and Maddie looked like she had been working out/dancing etc. It was quite a big space, so I thought it was a photoshoot at first, but there was some dancing going on, so yeah. Maybe a rehearsal, maybe just a class, I’m not sure. But they both were at dance and I’m super happy about that! 🙂

Also Maddie did not go to Radix (unless she joins a bit later which is possible since most classes happen today and tomorrow), so she probably has something going on because otherwise she usually goes on tour with Radix. So yeah, those are my thoughts about it. 🙂