@andrewinghart @amazingdancetalent alrighttttt tumblr wont let me respond to this so i have to make my own post (ugh) but yes i know how blocking works, u should see how long my blocked list actually is. the problem is when u block someone on tumblr (in my experience) they can still reblog your posts from someone elses blog. i really dont know why these blogs are ‘putting me on blast’ rn but i have over 9k and i cant sit at home on tumblr all day going through that list and blocking every sus acc i see, and i feel terribly about it! of course i dont want these people looking at pics of maddie and commenting those things?? idk what makes u think i do? i cant look through all my notes but i try to read the comments as often as i can and i always block the accs leaving the nasty ones! (not sure why u think u know who i have blocked but……) also i wanna know why your talking specifically abt the maddie fandom as if this doesnt happen to every famous young girl (and older ones too) and why u assume i speak for all maddie fans? like just unfollow me u dont have to bring all other maddie blogs into it?